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Chiropractic Champions: How Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic Treatments

If you are an athlete or the parent of a student-athlete, then you know just how important every little factor is for maximizing performance on the field or court. One of the most underrated ways you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your training is through drug-free, non-surgical treatments from a medical professional trained in chiropractic care.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility

No matter which sport you play, if you want to give things your A-game, you need to maintain a high degree of muscular and joint flexibility, as well as an athletic range of motion. From catching a spiral to throwing a baseball down to home plate, flexibility is essential for reaching a high level of performance in sports.

Fortunately, flexibility is one of the key areas of bodily wellness that chiropractic care is all about helping. A trained chiropractor can treat patients who complain of joint stiffness or diminished muscle function. Gentle, neurologically-based adjustments can “reset” a joint that has become achy, and chiropractic adjustments can also relax sore muscles that have become stiff and tense.

By loosening up tightened or sore joints and muscles, a chiropractor can improve your level of flexibility and help you meet your training goals by reaching a superior range of motion. Muscles and joints with the optimal level of flexibility can also respond better to the types of physical stress you place upon them during practice and games.

From relieving tension in your upper body (thereby empowering better throws, catches, or volleys) to reducing tightness in your hips and lower body (thereby allowing you to run, jump, and hustle better), a chiropractor’s steady care may be just what you and your coach have been looking for.

Reduced Pain from Sports Injuries

Everyone knows that sports involve some level of pain from injury. Whether you get tackled during a great passing play or knocked on your back while chasing a puck on the ice, pain comes with the territory.

Sometimes, low-back pain or other types of discomfort resulting from sports injuries can be resolved with over-the-counter pills. However, pain from more serious sports injuries or even chronic injuries might not be so easily managed.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be worried about needing to take prescription pain medications to manage your suffering. If you are concerned about potential side effects from taking high-level narcotics, or if you are worried about becoming addicted to such substances, you may be interested in managing your back or neck pain through other means first.

In many cases, chiropractic care has been found to reduce a patient’s need for prescription opioids or other types of pain medicine, even with a symptom as serious as spinal pain. Through a combination of careful spinal adjustments, manipulations of other joints, physical therapy, and stretching, a chiropractor can provide you with serious pain relief following injury.

Just because pain is part of the sports game doesn’t mean you have to live with unmanaged pain all the time! 

Preventing Injuries

Of course, the best way to avoid pain from sports-related injuries is to minimize the chances of injury altogether! Believe it or not, that’s another area where chiropractic care can help you as an athlete out. A sports chiropractor has the necessary training and expertise not only to treat current athletic injuries but also to examine your entire physical makeup.

By doing this, he or she can give you the physical therapy guidance and training you need to stay safe through injury prevention during training and play. In this way, the spinal manipulation, range-of-motion exercises, and other treatments used by a chiropractor lead to care for sports injuries while also serving as a preemptive measure to keep you healthy as an athlete.

Plus, this sort of care gives you a better chance of recovering from any incidental injuries you do receive in your sport. Improved recovery time can increase your chance of preventing those injuries from getting out of hand and developing into more serious conditions later on.

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