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Growing Pains? Discover How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Teenagers

Growing Pains? Discover How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Teenagers

Growing pains are common for children and adolescents. In fact, they’re so common that many assume there’s not much that we can do about them, including when our children suffer from them.

What if we told you that there is a way to provide relief for your teen’s aching limbs? Too good to be true? Let’s find out.

What Causes Growing Pains and Back Pain in Teens?

Despite the name of the condition, the aches and throbs associated with growing pains aren’t necessarily caused by adolescent growth spurts. Still, several factors can exacerbate the condition or cause further injury to your teen.

For example, psychological stressors can make whatever your teen is going through feel even worse, whether that’s a crick in their neck, an ache in their back, or a throb in their calf.

Physical stress is another possible culprit, with the vigorous exercise and outdoor activities associated with adolescence potentially putting extra pressure on your child’s joints or limbs and making any leg pain worse. Speaking of joint dysfunctions, teens are also notorious for their less-than-stellar posture, which doesn’t do their back or growing pains any favors.

Last of all, a lack of sleep may keep your teen’s body from healing itself overnight, as well as releasing the feel-good hormones that help keep aches, cramps, and more at bay throughout the waking day.

How Chiropractic Treatment for Teens Can Help

Trained chiropractors can help patients of any age, from the youngest of infants to the most elderly of patients. Teenagers certainly fall within the age domain that a good chiropractor can treat. A family or pediatric chiropractor can deliver great health benefits without resorting to potentially addictive or habit-forming pain medications.

From treating contact sports injuries following a big hit on the football field to helping correct poor posture that’s making your teen’s back pain worse, there are all kinds of ways a chiropractor can give your kiddo the holistic care he or she needs.

Here are just some of the top benefits a chiropractor can provide your teen with as they grow:

Better Posture

From needing to sit for hours on end during school to the hours spent playing video games on the couch or hunched over their phone, it’s no wonder teens often suffer from posture-related discomfort. Parents of teens are no strangers to the rounded shoulders, slumped heads, and all-around slouching exhibited by their adolescents.

A family chiropractor has the requisite experience to identify any posture problems your teen may be living with. The qualified health care provider can then perform the necessary spinal adjustments to correct the posture, as well as provide advice about stretches and any lifestyle changes needed to reverse the poor posture habit.

Decreased Pain

One of the most well-known benefits of going to the chiropractor at any age is pain relief. While many people think of chiropractors as only treating full-grown adults who have experienced an on-the-job injury or some other cause of chronic or acute pain, they can also treat the type of physical pain that teens may experience.

Even the toughest, most vibrant youth can be put on the sidelines thanks to a hard-hitting sports injury or even just the pains associated with sitting for hours or experiencing a headache. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help mitigate this type of pain by reducing pressure on joints and nerves caused by spinal misalignments.

Improved Growth and Development

Pain can keep your teens from sleeping well, which in turn can hinder their bodies’ ability to produce the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This domino effect can have lifelong consequences for the growth and wellness of your kiddos.

With an expert chiropractor on hand, your teen can find pain relief for better sleep, as well as catch any spinal misalignments early enough that they don’t become a major problem later on.

Better Sports Performance

If your teen plays sports or has aspirations to stay physically active throughout adolescence, you might want to make chiropractic appointments part of your regular health care regimen.

A family chiropractor can make sure your son or daughter maintains strong, flexible, well-aligned joints that can withstand the rigors of intense sporting activity. Functional joints allow your child to develop a combination of strength, speed, and agility that will pair well with any sport.

Injury Prevention and Promotion of Healing

Between schoolwork, sports, non-athletic extracurriculars, spending time with friends, and working a part-time job, teens keep themselves busy. While all of this social and physical activity is wonderful when it comes to preparing your child for a vigorous, full life, it may also increase the chances of your teen becoming injured.

Thankfully, chiropractors can promote the spinal health, flexibility, and balance that your teen needs to face their busy life’s daily challenges and become more resilient in the face of potential injuries.

Establishing a Lifetime Of Health and Wellness

Finally, your teen can benefit from the type of lifelong wellness advice that a family chiropractor can provide. From learning the best stretches for post-workout recovery to tips for proper posture and healthy habits, there are countless things a chiropractor can teach your adolescent as he or she grows closer to adulthood. 

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