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Peirce Mansion Sioux City, IA

Must Visit Spots in Sioux City, Iowa

There are many places to visit in Sioux City, Iowa. Some are free, such as the Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center. Other sites you should check out include Riverside Park and the Orpheum Theatre. These places are worth visiting if you want to experience the city’s history.

Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre (also known as the New Orpheum Theatre) is a historic building located at 528 S. Pierce Street in Sioux City, Iowa. This theater was originally built in 1927 as a vaudeville and movie palace and has since been restored. The theater is also the home of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra.

In the 1940s, the Orpheum was remodeled to become a two-screen movie house. Fluorescent lights were installed, and a projection booth was cut into the balcony. Later, the theater was split into two, and half-circle boxes were removed. The chandeliers were replaced with false ceilings. In 1999, the Orpheum Theatre Preservation Project began restoring the historic building. They worked with the Cleveland-based FEH architects and Ray Sheppardson from the GSI Architects.

Lamb Theater

LAMB Arts Regional Theatre and School is a nonprofit arts organization located at 417 Market St. Its mission is to present outstanding theatrical productions and innovative arts curricula that enrich lives. It produces seven to nine productions each year. The theater is also a hub for arts education in the Siouxland area. The theater has produced over 250 plays and 65 family and children’s productions. It has also had four world premieres and six original musicals.

LAMB has been presenting top-quality theater productions for over 20 years. The LAMB School of Theatre and Music is home to various courses.

Mid-America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

Visitors can explore a 30,000-square-foot aviation museum containing a collection of military artifacts, historic planes, and automobiles. Throughout the museum, they will be able to learn about the history of these vehicles.

The museum is open from Mon to Sun. Many different airplanes and cars are on display, including a retired FedEx cargo plane. It also has a day camp for children that focuses on STEM education and aviation.

Riverside Park

The long-running public park features a swimming pool, barbecues, soccer/baseball fields, and picnic shelters. Visitors can enjoy a day out with their families at Riverside Park. The park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. In summer, the park hosts concerts. During the winter months, it features an ice skating rink.

Riverside Park is located at 1301 Riverside Blvd in Sioux City, Iowa. Visitors can find directions to this park from various transportation modes using the Moovit mobile app. The app is free and offers real-time directions to the park. It also offers alternative routes and times for buses and trains.

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Must Visit Spots in Sioux City, Iowa

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