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Dr. Kronaizl cares deeply about others achieving great health and he goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best care possible. He’s honest, genuine, and great Dr. to work with!

Joey S.

I’ve had back pain for nearly three years and after many failed attempts with other therapies and chiropractic care, I decided to go see Dr. Kronaizl. After only a few weeks of treatment, I feel like I have my life back again! I highly recommend Dr. Kronaizl! Schedule that appointment, the only thing you’ll regret is not scheduling it sooner.

Brandi D.

I’ve been struggling with shoulder pain for quite some time and it had been gradually getting worse. The pain made it difficult for me to sleep at night and it got to the point where it was difficult to lift my grandson. After seeing Dr. Kronaizl I have no issues lifting my grandson and I’m no longer waking up in the middle of the night due to the pain, which is huge! I highly recommend Dr. Kronaizl. He’s performed wonders on my shoulder!

Linda D.

Dr. Michael is wonderful! I’ve had back pain and weaknesses for years, after each visit I’m getting stronger and feeling better! No back pain is my new normal!

Dixie G.

Dr. Michael is someone I fully trust with my body. His adjustments feel great and get awesome results, especially after a car accident injury!

Thaddeus S.

Dr. Mike was very helpful and knowledgeable and took time to explain things so I could understand and make an informed decision on my care and I thoroughly trust his knowledge and skill. I look forward to continuing my care and finding the relief I’ve been needed.

Joe M.

Dr Kronaizl is very knowledgeable and kind. He states exactly what he is doing and why. His concern is me and my pain and improving my problems. I I highly recommend him to everyone

Mary L.

Dr. Mike is personable and listens to his patients. My primary interaction with him was with one of my wrestlers that was tryin to get back on the mat after numerous surgeries. He tried and tried and continued to have problems with his shoulder. He was sidelined for a good portion of his senior year. Dr. Mike started working with him a couples days a week. This last for for about 8 weeks. He was ultimately able to compete and placed 3rd in the state tournament. What is truly unique is that he had gone to numerous other experts and the results were always the same. It was different with Dr. mike and so were the results. This guy does it right and gets results! I strongly recommend him.

Mark V.

Dr Kronaizl is wonderful! He goes above and beyond to help get you out of pain. I would 100% recommend him!

Tony N.

Dr. Michael is phenomenal! Great adjustments, great bedside manner, and he really cares. Cannot recommend his care enough!

Ryan C.

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