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Chiropractic Care for Children

The nervous system of a child controls and regulates all of the other systems in their growing body, including blood flow to brain function and bone growth.

Stress and spinal misalignment can have serious consequences for your child’s overall health, behavior, and development. Cornerstone Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic in North Sioux City that provides gentle and non-invasive therapy to correct underlying issues before they become hard-wired during development. Chiropractic care is an excellent alternative for treating many conditions our children face as they grow.

Cornerstone Chiropractic clinic offers gentle, natural and holistic chiropractic care for young children. We work by correcting the underlying issues so your child can have a healthy and pain-free childhood.

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Do Children Need Chiropractic Care?

The birthing process can cause stress and trauma to the body and spine. The intense pressure involved in both natural and Cesarean births can easily cause infant spines to become misaligned. Other than crying, infants have no way of communicating their pain and its source to us.

Throughout their younger years, they may sleep in unusual positions, have falls, get twisted up playing games in the backyard and more. Kid’s bodies are very resilient and can withstand a lot of impact, but it is not uncommon for these injuries cause issues down the road.

Many children also develop poor posture – sitting in front of a computer, staring at a cell phone or even watching TV for long periods of time. These all can have serious consequences for the spine.

Conditions With Which a Children’s Chiropractor Can Help

At Cornerstone Chiropractic clinic, we can help children with several different conditions. We treat these conditions by addressing the root issues that lead to them. Some of the most common conditions we deal with include:

  • Back pain
  • Scoliosis
  • ADHD
  • Colic
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Sinus Infections
  • Earaches
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Seizures
  • Headaches
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Safe & Natural. No Drugs

Chiropractic care is more than just manual adjustments. Our goal at Cornerstone chiropractic is to ensure that your child grows up healthy and happy. This is why we take a hands-on approach while providing them with pediatric chiropractic care.

Our process starts with a consultation. We will ask you and your child questions about your child’s health history and the issue they are struggling with. The consultation is followed by a physical examination to help the chiropractor better understand the child’s musculoskeletal structure. With this, they will generate a treatment plan specific to the child and their needs.

After the examination, the chiropractor will use various chiropractic techniques to correct any issues the child might have. They will correct every misalignment in the spine and provide relief for any condition you face. The techniques used are designed for children and are so gentle that many of our patients fall asleep during the process.

How Seeing A Chiropractor in Sioux City Can Benefit Children

Chiropractic care offers many benefits to children, which is why we recommend they start receiving it early. The benefits children can get from chiropractic care include:

  • Stress relief.
  • Proper skeletal development.
  • Improved brain development and improved behavior.
  • Treatment for injuries from falls and other accidents.
  • Treatment for ADHD and other behavioral problems.
  • Treatment for allergies, asthma, and sensory processing disorders.

A child faces the risk of spinal misalignment and other musculoskeletal issues right from the labor room. The quicker you provide chiropractic care to correct these issues, the healthier and happier they will be as they grow into adulthood. Cornerstone Chiropractic is trusted by your Sioux City neighbors to deliver the best chiropractic care for your child.


Get The Results Your Children Deserve

Cornerstone Chiropractic’s caring staff and providers will treat your child with care and compassion. Children often look forward to a trip to see our chiropractor. We make sure the child feels safe and comfortable and encourage questions from parents. Call today to schedule a consultation for your child at Cornerstone Chiropractic.

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Dr. Michael Kronaizl

Common Questions About Pediatric Chiropractic Care.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Kids?

Yes. Research has repeatedly shown that the process is safe for babies and children. These studies also show the efficacy of chiropractic care on children and advise that children should get treatment early on. The adjustment techniques we use on kids are extremely gentle. They are so gentle that some children have fallen asleep during the process

Does It Hurt?

Pediatric chiropractic care is one of the gentlest forms of chiropractic care. Only slight pressure and low force are applied. There is no twisting, cracking or popping that you may see in adult chiropractic adjustments.

How Early Is Too Early?

Chiropractic care is suitable for babies hours or days after they are born. If they had a traumatic birth, you must start chiropractic care as soon as possible.

Is Pediatric Chiropractic Care Different From Adult Chiropractic Care?

Yes, there is a difference between pediatric and adult chiropractic care. The procedures for pediatric patients are simple and extremely gentle. You won’t see any high-velocity thrusts common in traditional chiropractic care. However, this does not mean that there aren’t any similarities. For one, the purpose remains the same; to provide natural and holistic treatment for musculoskeletal conditions.


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